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Trommelberg SB7428 Spray Booth

19975.00 EUR
Netto: 16239.84 EUR
Product code: SB7428
Weight: 4352.0 kg (1 szt.)
Availability: 3 days
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Total: 19975.00 EUR

Trommelberg SB7428 Spray Booth


Italian made, High Quality Spray Booth 7 х 4 х 2.76 m with combined intake-exhaust unit.



Main features


Due to partial pre-assembly during production the installation time has been reduced by almost 50%!


Due to a highly effective heat exchanger the booth ensures high quality painting in total air exhaust phase and offers very comfortable working conditions throughout the year.


Fast and effective air heating: application of 4-way construction heat exchanger made of special heat-proof steel substantially increases productivity.


Four stage air filtering: air intake pocket-type prefilter Eurovent EU4/G4, high efficiency ceiling fine filter F5 / EN779 class, two-stage paint stop filter Eurovent EU3 + Eurovent EU4 (also performs a function of the exhaust filter).


Cabin illumination of more than 1500 lux!





The spray booth is manufactured in compliance with the following directives and standards:

  • 2006/42/CE, Machinery Directive
  • 2006/95/CE, Low Voltage Directive
  • Directive EMC 2004/108/CE, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 94/09/ CE ATEX Directive, according to standard EN13355 par. 5.8.2



Cabin / Plenum / Lighting


The SB7428 spray booth cabin is being assembled of 40-mm interlocking male-female pre-assembled panels. All panels are made of double steel pre-painted plates and polyurethane self-extinguishing thermo acoustic insulating material. The cabin is pre-painted inside and outside. For maximum security all windows are made of shock resistant stratified safety glass and the doors are furnished

with spring-activated push-to-open door catch. A corner tool shelf and a sliding parts hanger inside the cabin provide a helpful working environment to the painter.


The plenum is equipped with high efficiency ceiling fine filter EU5. The ceiling corner-type lighting consisting of XL series neon tubes (IRC 85) provide maximum illumination and neutral color temperature granting perfect car refinishing work and best possible conditions for color matching.



Floor / Floor filter


The spray booth is installed on a metal base but can also be installed on 340 mm pit if required. The total floor grating consists of galvanized grates with a load capacity of 500 kg/wheel print. All base parts are made of galvanized steel.


Under the whole grating surface the two-stage paint stop filter consisting of EU3 and EU4 layers is laid. Such filter design provides effective contamination protection of exhaust fan and ensures high effectiveness of the ventilation system.






Heating unit / Fans


The spray booth is equipped with two centrifugal fans with explosion proof electric motors having 7.5 kW power each. Fan forward curved blades ensure high effectiveness. EU4 pocket prefilters are installed at the fan inlet.


The spray booth design provides operating in total air exhaust phase and in air recirculation phase; also it allows the manual pressure adjustment inside the booth cabin by means of the damper installed on the exhaust line. In the air recirculation phase (partial air change).


Optimal air change parameters and constant temperature on a car surface are maintained and high fuel economy is ensured due to the repeated flow of the heated air through the cabin.



Control panel


The control panel «EASY CONTROL» is integrated into the front wall of the spray booth. The panel contains a temperature controller for spray and bake phases, baking timer and hours meter. The system has an automatic baking and cooling mode.



Packing and assembling


SB7428 Spray booth is delivered partially pre-assembled – reducing the installation time by half.





  • Corner lighting kit, 4 pcs., 928W, Art. CL4458
  • Gasburner
  • Oilburner
  • Ramps



Standard Shipment


  • Total floor grating: 35 galvanized grates with load capacity of
  • 500 kg/wheel prin
  • 3-folds main entrance door white inside and grey outside, one
  • acting as service door for the user
  • Side service door with laminated safety glass window
  • Metal base 340 mm height
  • 8 light fixtures with 32х58 W triphosphor high efficiency neon
  • tubes, XL series, Daylight, IRC 85
  • 4 way heat exchanger made of heat-proof steel
  • 2 х 7.5 kW centrifugal belt driven fans with forward curved blades
  • Integrated «Easy Control» control panel
  • Filter set
  • Corner shelf for tools
  • Sliding parts hanger
  • Coloured scale manometer to indicate pressure inside the booth
  • Block device on compressed air line
  • Manual reset safety thermostat
  • Minimum pressure switch
  • Maximum pressure switch
  • Flow switch to control air flow
  • Acoustic/visual alarm on the control panel
  • Emergency lighting kit with visual alarm
  • Aluminum plate for emergency exit, 2 pcs
  • Door closer for service door, 2 pcs



Technical Data



  • inside (DхWхH) 7000х4000х2760 mm
  • outside (DхWхH) 7160x5010x3740 mm
  • 3-fold door (WхH) 2700х2700 mm


Heating/ventilating unit:

  • air intake motor power 7.5 kW
  • air exhaust motor power 7.5 kW
  • heating power capacity 220 kW
  • max. air capacity in paint phase 24000 m2/h
  • max. temperature in spray phase 30°С (at outside temperature 0°C)
  • max. temperature in bake phase 80°С
  • max. oil consumption (at 20°С) 19 kg/h (15°E 10200 Cal/kg)


Power supply:

  • Total power 17 kW
  • Motor voltage and phase 3PHx400V/60Hz
  • Light power 1856 W

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