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T4W Paint thickness gauge TW-8

51.92 EUR
Netto: 42.21 EUR
Product code: 59252
EAN: 5906190592521  
Warranty: 24 month
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Total: 51.92 EUR

  • ASSISTANT feature - the only measure of paint with the functionality of;
  • range from 0um to 2000um (Fe and Al);
  • measurement resolution: 10um and 1um - selection in the menu;
  • measurement memory 200 items;
  • HOLD function;
  • sound signal;
  • power of two batteries alc R3 (AAA) "thin fingers";
  • temperature compensation - reduces the effect of temperature on the measurement;
  • mobile measuring head, suspended elastically;
  • handy, compact size (approx. 99x57x23mm);
  • Included Pouches + batteries;
  • 24 months warranty!

Housing pattern submitted to OHIM (European registered design)

Paint Thickness TW-8 is a novel, the only solution on the market, having the function of suggesting (on the LCD) or paint is original, too thick or is putty. Application and technical solution of this functionality has been made to PPO.

The device is based on a modern, high-speed processor. Thickness used for the calculation of the third degree of approximation algorithms, combined with a number of calibration points, allowing more accurate results. In comparison with the solutions based on a simple linear approximation is more accurate way.

The meter has a measuring head is suspended resiliently, which is constructed in such a way that, when pressed against the surface of the test probe, "slips" is 2-3mm. This allows the measurement becomes more accurate because of the more uniform pressure to the surface.

ASSISTANT The assessor tells the car whether it had body and paint repair. The device in this regard has been submitted to the Polish Patent Office.
When the function is activated, the meter displays on the display during measurement messages indicating the status of bodywork:

  •         "LIGHT" - paint too thin;
  •         "LAK OK" - the correct paint;
  •         "2xLAK" - the second coat of paint;
  •         "KIT" - Spatula;

W / the messages are abbreviated due to technical reasons (limited number of characters on the display). The company reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of compartments in the modernization of the instrument.
It should be noted that it is only an assistant to help in the interpretation of the measurements, it can not be the basis for a clear answer to the question was whether the car body and paint repair. However, a lot of people making car ratings really do not know what the thickness of the coating is, therefore, the above function is to help with that.

The HOLD function is the solution used in the most expensive meters. Allows you to measure and stop it, so we can remove the meter from the surface and read the measurement. HOLD function can be turned off from the menu, then we have the possibility to measure continuously.

The audio signal is especially useful when measuring the HOLD-enabled. After measurement meter informs us of this fact a short beep.

Power 2x R3 alkaline battery (AAA) "thin fingers". Thanks to modern design, the meter is very economical. His power only two known. "Thin fingers" alkaline. Time to work on the battery reaches even several hours of continuous operation. Power solution in the meter has been submitted to the Polish Patent Office.

Built-in three languages. From the menu, you can select one of three languages: Polish, English and German. We can adjust the meter to other languages.

Measuring and all the functions are presented on the LCD. Measurement resolution is 10um or 1 micrometer (depending on the settings in the menu) and the range of 0μm to 2000μm. The meter has a reset function (calibration) - plate reset is complete. Built-in memory of 200 measurements allows easy viewing of measurements by measuring the activities performed. Memory is not erased when the device is turned off or the battery removed. The device has a built-in display light by the user if necessary. The device is operated from a 11-function of the main menu: Measurement, Material Memory, Disable, Erase Memory, Reset, Hold, Resolution, Assistant, LED LCD Language. Operation of the instrument is very intuitive. The device is entirely made in Poland.


  • measuring head resiliently suspended;
  • measurement on steel sheet, galvanized steel and aluminum;
  • measurement resolution: 10um or 1 micrometer, depending on the settings - the user has the option to change the resolution;
  • measuring range (thick paint): 0μm to 2000μm;
  • ASSISTANT function;
  • HOLD function;
  • sound signal;
  • meter calibration - zero plate (calibration) is included;
  •  Cache memory took 200 measurements;
  •  LCD backlight;
  •  intuitive operation via a 12-position menu;
  •  Meter automatically shut down after a long idle;
  •  Power supply: two AA alkaline R3 (AAA);
  •  Polycarbonate-based keyboard DIP switches;
  •  meter is CE marked;
  •  high quality equipment;
  •  guarantee of 24 months;
  •  Polish product;
  •  Three languages (Polish, English, German);

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