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STAR Spray Gun S-4000 HP Blue

76.80 EUR
Netto: 62.44 EUR
Product features:
Nozzle size
Product code: PIF50
Warranty: 12 month
Weight: 2.0 kg (1 )
Availability: 30 days
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Total: 76.80 EUR

STAR spray gun S-4000 HP blue.

A series of gun Star offers the following range of solutions such as spray guns;

  • light, polished handle with ergonomic shape
  • smooth operation of the trigger allows full control wen painting,
  • limited demand for the amount of air and paint to reduce costs and protect the environment,

A set of blue jets have transfer 35%.

Lets you paint coatings designed for furniture, electronics and anti-corrosive paints.

STAR professional spray gun with a blue cap is a high-end model HP. System pressure HP has a lower air consumption in relation to other systems, a rapid application of the spray material, a relatively large dusting. Model offered for auction is a typical gun to impose bases, clears, stains, fillers, primers, adhesives, etc. The gun will be used in bodyshop, carpentry, locksmith and construction. Teflon seals provide ease in cleaning and long life. The body is made of cast aluminum, which reduces weight. There are three rules: the amount of air power, the amount of ejected material, the width of the stream.
Gun with reduced pressure RP provides excellent atomization and speed with real paint transfer on the painted area of 65%. ..

Nozzle size:
1.6 mm
Gravity Cup:
600 ml
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