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STAR spray gun EVO-T Mini LVLP

78.96 EUR
Netto: 64.20 EUR
Product features:
Nozzle size
Product code: 06444
Warranty: 12 month
Weight: 1.0 kg (1 szt.)
Availability: In stock
Amount (min. 1 szt.):

Total: 78.96 EUR

Why EVO-T system stands the best parameters?

Answer lies in the innovative design of the spray nozzle, which is patented and in the gun body doprowadzającychstrumień channels air to it. It is thanks to this innovative design pistol, EVO-T gets real transfer paint on painted surfaces at 70-75%.
With this solution reduces overspray and you will save time, money and protect the environment in which we live.

Nozzle size:
0.8 mm
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