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DEVILBISS Adapters for DeKUPS Disposable paint cups system

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Product code: DPC-10
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Adapters for DeKUPS Disposable paint cups system

The New Generation in Disposable Paint Cup Systems

Cleverly engineered to be quick and easy to use

The DeVilbiss DeKups system is the quick, easy and secure way to spray. With its lightweight, collapsible cup liner providing consistent paint flow at virtually any angle, minimising paint wastage and helping reduce your bodyshop’s impact on the environment.

You only have to slide the DeVilbiss DeKups system onto the precision machined twist and lock bayonet fitting on your spray gun to realise that the DeVilbiss development engineers have taken the concept of disposable paint cup systems and refined it in a way only DeVilbiss can.

Fittings for every leading professional spray gun

The DeKups spray gun adaptors are manufactured using precision machined lightweight aluminium, for all leading types of professional spray gun, while the rest of the DeKups system is manufactured using a range of advanced plastics chosen specifically for the durability of the outer “cage” and flexibility for the collapsible cup liners, lids and storage plugs. DeKups are recognised as the new generation in disposable paint cup systems.

Designed for both full sized and smart repair spray guns

Available in 710 ml sizes for full sized spray guns such as the DeVilbiss GTi Pro and a 265 ml version for spot repair guns such as the DeVilbiss SRi Pro, these sizes have been chosen to maintain the perfect weight to quantity ratio.

The collapsible cup liner provides a consistent material flow, regardless of the gun angle, even when used upside down for paint sills and wheel arches, while ensuring accurate colour matching and minimising paint wastage. You can even top up the cup using a DeKups funnel.

DeKups - a comprehensive system for every application

DeKups are unique in having an economic choice of paint filtration options. Disc filters are provided for waterborne finishes while the standard DeVilbiss stick type filter can be used for primers and clears. The consumable parts of the DeKups system are easily dispensed using either the wall mounted, disposable 50 set box pack or the permanent refillable twin tube dispenser.


  • DPC-10: Adapter for SATA NR2/3000, RP, seria KLC, MCB i Jet90 i Sata 96719
  • DPC-11: Adapter for SATA NR95, Iwata LPH-400 i W400LV, FACH Speedway, Expert, Leader, Professional, Tiger, Idol, Predator
  • DPC-13: Adapter for Sagola Lackierpistolen
  • DPC-23: Adapter for DeVilbiss SRi, SRi PRO
  • DPC-52-K1: Adapter for SATA Minijet 3000 QCC
  • DPC-78: Adapter for Iwata Supernova (WS400 i LS400), AirGunsa, W300
  • DPC-80: Adapter for DeVilbiss GTi Pro, GTi Pro Lite, PRi Pro, GFG, GPi, FLG, SLG
  • DPC-501: Adapter für SATA QCC 100, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 4400, 5000



Adapter DPC-10
Adapter DPC-11
Adapter DPC-13
Adapter DPC-23
Adapter DPC-502
Adapter DPC-78
Adapter DPC-501
Adapter DPC-80
Gravity Cup:
550 ml
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