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ANEST IWATA Spray Guns WS-400 EVO Supernova

1.15 EUR
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Product features:
Nozzle size
Product code: WS400-1301C
Weight: 2.0 kg (1 szt.)
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Total: 1.15 EUR

The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing. This, combined with the flat, even SUPERNOVA pattern, helps reduce common application issues. All SUPERNOVA guns are equipped with stainless steel fluid passages ideal for any type of material, solventborne or waterborne.


An evolving intelligence
There is a word that can be found throughout Japanese history which is still used to this day:
The word “KAIZEN” is made up of two words, “KAI” & “ZEN”.
KAI when translated means to change, while ZEN means to make good or best.
When you put these two words together you get “ change for the best”.
KAIZEN is a daily Japanese process that strives for improvement and perfection.
The WS400 Evo has new features which take the WS400 to an even higher level of KAIZEN.

New and improved easy release paint cup system
The new locking thread system enables you to experience a secure and precise screwing and unscrewing of the paint cup.

Reliable and Precise setting
WS400 Evo has new sturdy constructed high precision adjusters.
The carefully designed grip delivers the professional painter a reliable and more importantly comfortable feeling even when wearing latex gloves.

ANEST IWATA Technology
Pininfarina Design

The WS400 has always stimulated passion within the painter with its looks as well the way it performs.
The new WS400 Evo steps it up again with its new corrosion resistant parts.
These new parts not only help the gun stay functional but also help keep the WS400 Evo’s stunning looks throughout its working life.

Nozzle size:
1,3mm HD
1,4mm HD
1,5mm HD
Air consumption:
350 l/min (12.4 cfm)
Clear Coats
Case + air regulator AFV-1
Gravity Cup:
600 ml
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