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DEVILBISS Pro Clip for washing machines

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Product code: PRO-15-K3
Warranty: 1 years
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Virtually every high throughput, auto repair centre these days has an automatic gun wash machine in the mixing room, in fact, many will have two or more for individual waterborne and solvent use. These machines help maximise efficiency and enable painters to save precious time cleaning their spray guns manually.

It seems like such a simple task! Hold the trigger fully back in the open position so the fluid needle is clear of the fluid tip for thorough cleaning in the gun wash machine. Here we often get to see the real ingenuity and enterprise of the sprayer as they use metal lips, rubber bands, cable ties or anything that will do the job. Inevitably over time the back edge of the gun handle and /or the trigger face suffers avoidable damage.

Pieces of wire and metal clips can scratch the anodising and that’s why we have developed the DeVilbiss Pro CLIP a simple New DeVilbiss Pro-Clip for GTi & PRi Pro Gravity Guns. Pro-moulded snap in clip made from solvent resistant acetal. The Pro Clip slides over the GTi Pro trigger locking the trigger in the fully open position, without causing any damage to the gun body. Then when the gun is normal spraying duty just flip the Pro-Clip upside down and park it on the trigger ready for the next cleaning machine session…by the way, we’ve made it bright yellow so you are less likely to lose it!


Suitable for:

  • GTi Pro
  • PRi Pro
  • SRi Pro
  • GPi
  • GFG
  • JGA
  • FLG-G5

1 piece
5 pcs.
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