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T4W PIK FÜLLER+ Primer HS 5:1 4,8L

37.06 EUR
Netto: 30.13 EUR
Product features:
Product code: 59049
Warranty: 1 years
Weight: 9.0 kg (1 szt.)
Availability: In stock
Amount (min. 1 szt.):

Total: 37.06 EUR

Two-component filler on the basis of hydroxy-acrylic resin. It has excellent filling properties as well as good adhesion to the puttied surface. It is recommended to use under one and two-component acrylic topcoats, synthetic or water-borne. Destined for manual/machine treatment with sanding dry and wet materials. This filler is particularly suitable for filling surfaces of bodies in automotive industry, steel structures protected with anticorrosion primers. This is a perfect product for filling steel and polyester-glass surfaces, previously repaired with polyester putties and hard plastics, used in motorization.

The surface must be cleaned, dry, degreased and matted. Mixing ratio: 5:1 by volume and add thinner for acrylic products 20 - 25 % vol.. Mix thoroughly. Apply with a spray gun with nozzle diameter 1,6 - 1,8 mm in 2 - 3 normal coats with 8 - 10 min. flash off at 20°C between the coats. Drying 30 min. at 60°C or 5 - 7 hours at 20°C. Sand dry with P320 - P400 or wet with P800 - P1200.

Technical data:

  • Efficiency: 5 m2/l
  • Density: 1,56 - 1,58 g/cm³
  • Shelf-life: 12 months
  • VOC content: 2004/42/IIB(c)(540)<540
  • Spray viscosity: 5 - 30 sec. at 20°C, Ford cup 4 mm
  • Pot life: up to 2h at 20°C
  • Spray gun: Nozzle diameter: 1,6 - 1,8 mm
  • Application: 2-3 normal coats
  • Flash-off: 8 - 10 min. at 20°C
  • Drying time: 30 min. at 60°C, 5-7 h at 20°C

4L + 0,8L Hardener
drying time:
6-7 hours
Dry sand:
Wet sand:
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