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Dinitrol RC 800 remedy for rust

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Product code: DIN0800
Warranty: 1 years
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RC 800 Dinirol actively converts an existing rust into a stable
organic compound of iron. After drying, leaves an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture, effectively preventing the cause of corrosion.

Dinirol RC 800 is designed for applications in places particularly affected by rust such as car chassis.

Dinirol RC 800 has a very low toxicity and no class
contains phosphoric acid and lead.

RC 800 Dinirol dry leaves durable coating with good adhesion to the surface.

Remove the protruding pieces of rusty metal parts and align the metal surface with a brush. Place where you will be applying Dinitrol RC 800 must be cleaned of all oil and grease.
Do not remove the rust completely, which is part of a chemical reaction with the product Dinitrol 800th RC
Metal temperature during operation with the center Dinitrol RC 800 should be about 23 C, but can not exceed 40 C.
Recoatable is recommended only when necessary.
Avoid dirt and grime when using RC 800th Dinitrol
After finishing work equipment and tools should be washed with clean water, if a measure Dinitrol RC 800 is still wet.
When the product begins to be applied with a clean dry kerosene.

250 ml
1 L
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