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Troton Light putty

10.50 EUR
Netto: 8.54 EUR
Product features:
Product code: TRSZL
Weight: 1.0 kg (1 szt.)
Availability: In stock
Amount (min. 1 szt.):

Total: 10.50 EUR

Polyester filling putty with very low specific gravity. Due to the use of special silicon fillers in the form of micro balls, we have achieved the product much lighter than other polyester putties. It is elastic, very good in treatment and has very good adherence to metal. It is recommended especially for filling the damages on large areas, as it does not cause the high load (e.g. for the car roofs repairs).

1000 ml
Application :
for universal use on plain and arced surfaces
type of soil:
polyester-glass laminates
steel substrate
component acrylic primers
galvanized steel
Old paintwork
degree of gloss:
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