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T4W PIK ALU Putty with aluminum dust

14.85 EUR
Netto: 12.07 EUR
Product features:
Product code: 59119
EAN: 5906190591197  
Warranty: 1 years
Weight: 0.5 kg (1 szt.)
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Total: 14.85 EUR

Fine finishing body filler with aluminium. Characterized by good shaping properties in thin coats and easy to sand with a coarse sanding paper (>P150) what eliminates the transitions between the putty and repaired surface. Alu putty is high temperature and mechanical resistant. Suitable for filling up dents and other imperfections of steel exposed to high temperature and mechanical loads. Manual / machine sanding dry. Alu putty doesn’t clog the sanding paper. Very good adhesion to the workground. It can be used to reinforce damaged surfaces. It is not necessary to use finishing putty after Alu putty.

The surface must be cleaned, dry, degreased and matted. Thoroughly mix putty and 2-3% of hardener BPO by weight. Apply within 5 minutes at 20°C. Higher temperature can reduce the pot life and accelerates the drying time.

Note: Using too much hardener can lead to topcoat discoloration. It is not recommended to use putty below 15°C.

0,5 kg.
1,8 kg.
drying time:
16-30 minutes
Dry sand:
Wet sand:
aluminum adhesion:
Application :
High resistance to elevated temperatures and changing weather conditions.
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