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Formuła 1 Carnauba wax

4.84 EUR
Netto: 3.94 EUR
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Product code: K2F2
Warranty: 1 years
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Carnauba wax is a top quality product for polishing and maintenance of all types including metallic paint. The high content of pure carnauba wax, obtained from selected palm trees, provides a mirror gloss varnish. Protects against corrosive "acid rain" and the salt, and harmful UV rays, effectively extending the life of painted coatings. Specially softened formula provides easy application and polishing, and the use of carnauba wax (the hardest of all the wax on the wildebeest) ensures that the effect of the preparation is still visible after many successive washes car
How to use:
1.Wash and dry the car
2.Shake well before use. Apply the center on clean, dry cloth
3.Circular movements spread across the surface preparation
4.Wait until slightly dried-
5.Polish with a clean, dry cloth
Product produced in the USA

230 g
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