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Farecla G3 coarse polishing paste

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G3 is universal. Allows you to remove various kinds of surface defects:

  • Traces of dust,
  • seepage,
  • Orange peel
  • scratches,
  • oxidation

Pasta G3 is suitable for many types of surfaces, including: medium concentrated, dried in air and at low temperatures, cellulose, industrial coatings, glass fiber reinforced plastic and derivatives, acrylic and other plastic surfaces, furniture, synthetic surfaces.


Surface preparation:
Make sure that the surface is properly finished in the factory is clean and does not contain wax. Where it is necessary to remove the sandpaper surface defects.

Restore shine with the machine:
Apply a small amount of cloth polishing paste G3 Regular Grade to the finish
G-Mop Soak in clean water and install a polishing machine, centrifuge excess water until it no longer felt spattering.
Sliding movement of the G-Mop move along the surface of the paint, paste G3 add if necessary. Maintain G-Mop wet, if it is necessary to add a water spray.

Manually restore gloss:
A damp clean cloth and rub the paste G3 strongly moving it forward and backward, regularly changing direction in order to ensure uniform coverage

The final finish:

  • Remove the debris with a clean cloth
  • Finish by applying only light pressure and water
  • Polish the surface of the paint with a soft cloth with a loose weave, so as to obtain a high gloss without blurring.

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