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3M 80349 Extra Fine Plus

33.80 EUR
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Product features:
Product code: 3MP04
Weight: 1.0 kg (1 szt.)
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Total: 33.80 EUR

3M 80349 Pasta / Lotion EXTRA FINE PLUS
"yellow cap"


Application: Polishing agent for finishing both modern colorless scratch-resistant coatings as standard paints and polishing in the final stage of polishing.

For use with an electric polisher and pneumatic (1500-2500 rev. / Min).

Usage: POLISHING MACHINE: a) Use after completing the first stage of polishing (eg toothpaste 50,417) b) Refer to the safety instructions. Shake the bottle before use. c) Apply a small amount of product on the panel and on a sponge dampened with yellow. d) Place the polisher on the polished surface and run. e) Polish with the average pressure, if necessary, an additional amount of product applied. f) Reduce the pressure to clean up the panel and wipe off excess product

Any toothpaste spatters on adjacent panels / plastic parts should be removed / washed down with a damp cloth. The product can also be used with abrasive materials and accessories to repair small areas.

1 L
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