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Dinitrol ANNITROL Rust remover

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Product code: DINA 0.1
Warranty: 1 years
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ANNITROL is a de-rusting agent for iron and steel products. A surface treated with ANNITROL becomes completely free from rust and gets instead a layer of phosphate being an excellent ground for among others, painting and oiling.

De-rusting with ANNITROL is most efficiently done by dipping the objects. The vessel should be of plastic, glass or stoneware. ANNITROL attacks galvanized vessels. The temperature of the ANNITROL bath should not be below +10°C. The ANNITROL delivered is a solution ready to use. In special cases it might be diluted with up to 2 parts water. The objects to be cleaned must be free from grease. They should be placed in the bath during ½-24 hours depending on the amount of rust. Stirring and heating to max. +60°C increase the effect considerably.

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