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COLAD Aqua Strippable Coating

125.00 EUR
Netto: 101.63 EUR
Product features:
Product code: C8145
Warranty: 1 years
Weight: 10.0 kg (1 szt.)
Availability: In stock
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Total: 125.00 EUR

Strippable coating for masking spray booths walls. Apply by spray gun, brush or paint roller. Is an alternative to Booth coating or Antidust for the protection of the walls from overspray and dirt. Remove it by peeling of the film from the wall.


Technical data:

  • Application : by spray gun
  • Minimum application temperature: 20 °C
  • Color of the coating: white.
  • Heat resistance: up to 60°C
  • Dry time: 6 to 8 hrs (20° C) at 200–250μ layer
  • Packing: bucket of 10 liters.
  • Shelf life: 1 year.


  • Apply Colad Aqua Strippable Coating to spray booths or so-called spray walls.
  • Surface must be clean and fat free.
  • Colad Aqua Strippable Coating is an environmentally friendly product.
  • Provides excellent protection against over spray, dirt etc.
  • Dirty coating can be removed by hand.
  • Forced drying is not recommended.
  • Attention: To ensure the suitability of this material for your application, apply a 12” x 12” sample.  
  • Test stripping after 24 hours.

10 L
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