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COLAD Disposable Nitrile Gloves

31.25 EUR
Netto: 25.41 EUR
Product features:
glove Size
Number of gloves
Product code: C530900
Weight: 0.005 kg (1 szt.)
Availability: In stock
Amount (min. 1 szt.):

Total: 31.25 EUR

A solvent-resistant quality glove that provides excellent protection. Textured finger tips for better grip. Powder and silicone free.


  • Strong, flexible and comfortable.
  • Textured surface for better grip.
  • Powder, Silicon and Latex Free to prevent skin irritation.
  • Especially suitable for working with paints and solvents.
  • Single Use.
  • Marked CE 0321.
  • 1 disposable box with 100 gloves.

glove Size:
Number of gloves:
100 pcs. (package)
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