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T4W Masking Tape MTE 80°C

1.00 EUR
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Product code: 59561
Weight: 0.2 kg (1 szt.)
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Saturated paper pressure sensitive adhesive tape, ivory, designed for masking applications. Available in rolls with a length of 50 m and widths: 18, 24, 30, 36 and 48mm. Our masking tape can be used in industry, building and car body shops applications.


  • excellent adhesion to the surface;
  • adapts perfectly even on curved surfaces;
  • quick and easy removal in one piece, do not leave glue residues;
  • leaves no traces after the drying process;
  • resistant to organic solvents, paints and varnishes;
  • you can stick it “tape on tape”.

18mm /1 pc./
18mm /12 pc./
18mm /48 pcs./
24mm /1 pc./
24mm /9 pcs./
24mm /36 pcs./
30mm /1 pc./
30mm /8 pcs./
30mm /32 pcs./
36mm /1 pc./
36mm /6 pcs./
36mm /24 pcs./
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