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Dinitrol Adhesive Dinitrol 500 windshields

6.72 EUR
Netto: 5.46 EUR
Product features:
Product code: DIN500
Warranty: 1 years
Weight: 0.5 kg (1 szt.)
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Total: 6.72 EUR

DINITROL PUR 500 1k is a black one-component mass
polyurethane having the following properties:

  • High strength and durability
  • a solvent
  • Good resistance to aging
  • easy to apply
  • with good security properties, such as moisture, etc.
  • does not flow

DINITROL PUR 500 1k is a product used in the assembly plants, sites, points of assembly windows, etc. Used in combination with DINITROL 520 (cleaning agent), 530 (a catalyst, primer) and 540 (reaktywator) .

How to use:
All prepared for bonding glass should be clean and free of grease. The surfaces where the adhesive will be applied to clean the center DINITROL 520 (detergent), and then apply the appropriate space center - DINITROL 530 (catalyst, primer). When you buy a car window - with glue on the glass (RIM), to break the protective film and apply an adhesive layer 540 DINITROL PUR (reaktywator), use it well (when connecting with PUR adhesive 500 1k). In place of glass foundation, leave-in 1-2 mm layer of adhesive with the old pre-cut windows, in order to obtain good adhesion of polyurethane adhesive 500 1k. If in place of foundation windows, there was damage - scratches the paint and there is the old adhesive, use the center DINITROL 530 (catalyst, primer) to improve grip and protect them before the onset of corrosion.

DINITROL PUR 500 1k depending on the situation, can be applied to the glass or frame.

310 ml
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