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T4W PIK Active FOAM cleaning concentrate

56.25 EUR
Netto: 45.73 EUR
Product features:
Cup capacity
Product code: 59511
EAN: 5906190595119  
Warranty: 1 years
Weight: 0.6 kg (1 szt.)
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Total: 56.25 EUR

T4W Active Foam is a highly economical concentrate with very high content of washing-active substances. A neutral, high-foaming cleaning concentrate with fresh scent based anionic surfactants for washing brushes – and portal systems and also contains a special brush lubricant to protect painted edges.

The specially integrated component ensures freshness in all facilities for pleasant lemon scent. Application of the product results in an excellent dirt and grease dissolving effect, even with particularly heavy soiling. The product is highly recommended with regard to clean brushes.


  • Application in the foam generators:
    • Prediluted 1:10 or 1:20 via a metering pump.
  • Application in high pressure equipment:
    • Depending on the type and settings of the device 1: 5 – 1:20 prediluted.
  • Application in sprayers:
    • 1:50 – 1: 100 prediluted with water, apply on the vehicle. Do not allow the foam to dry. Wash with rotating brush.


  • Approximately 5-15 ml per vehicle, when used in the foam generator. We recommend to use the product with our specially designed FOAM Gun.

Cup capacity:
0,5 L
1 L
5 L
25 L
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