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Profix CP 282 Fast hardener acrylic

28.80 EUR
Netto: 23.41 EUR
Product code: CP 282
Weight: 1.0 kg (1 L)
Availability: In stock
Amount (min. 1 L):

Total: 28.80 EUR

Fast hardener acrylic CP282 MS 2-1


CP 282 hardener 2:1 is recommended clears CP 400 and CP 1500 SRF SRF highest quality. It is designed for small and large painting surfaces of vehicles, machinery and equipment in the two-tier system of MS. The high-gloss surface is achieved after only two layers. hardener paint combined with a high gloss, excellent fluidity, and resistance to weather conditions.

Contains isocyanates special properties - does not contain free isocyanate monomer.
Transparent colors
High gloss
Durability of 6 months in a sealed container
Specific gravity of 1.00 g/cm3
The time to wear 6 hours
The mixing ratio of 100 parts by volume of paint CP 400 or CP 1500 SRF SRF
Drying time at 20 ° C and humidity. relative. 65

Dust-free 30 min., Not sticky 75min, Twardośćpowierzchniowa 250 min, uniform hardness 9 hours.

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