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T4W Custom automotive paint - basecoat

32.50 EUR
Netto: 26.42 EUR
(Paint number, Car model, Build year):
Product features:
Type of paint
Mixing Ratio
Product code: 59383
Warranty: 1 Year
Weight: 1.0 kg (1 L)
Availability: In stock
Amount (min. 1 L):

Total: 32.50 EUR

Solventbased Topcoats for applying by a spray gun or by spraydose. For the overall painting.

Paint mixing system consisting of components. The product is used as a coating finishing with special properties resistant to external factors.

The varnish is prepared according to the recipe number of T4W Mixing system (120,000 recipies available).

As an automotive paint, designed for filling containers with spray and in accordance with the law. For painting cars waterborne paints are used, also available in our store.

Important Information:

Apply clear coat over the paint and your painting is finished. Our paint may be used only by law for the filling of aerosol cans and painting machines. Only water-based paints are allowed for painting vehicles.

Before the actual painting activities test coating should be made, to check the hue of the paint​​.

IMPORTANT: Check varnish on absolutely color accuracy because there are always different hues of each color and we always deliver the first variant.

Production according to customer specification: all products labeled "made ​​according to customer specifications" are custom-made and therefore non-returnable. These are not stock items. The products are made for order "fresh" for you.

Approximate prices:

  • Pure colors (solid): 27,25 EUR / 1 Liter (mixing ratio 1:1)
  • Pearl / metallic colors: 31,25 EUR / 1 Liter (mixing ratio 1:1)
  • Xirallic colors: 50-70 EUR / 1 Liter (mixing ratio 1:1)

The prices are approximate. Price of paint depends on the recipe and may differ from the prices listed above. In this case, you will be notified about this when placing an order, in order to pay possible surcharge.

Color group: :
Type of paint:
Solid Base
Metallic Base
Pearl Base
Mixing Ratio:
Base 1:1
Base 2:1
Base ready to spray
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