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T4W PIK Clearcoat MS 2:1

5.75 EUR
Netto: 4.68 EUR
Product features:
Product code: 59027
Weight: 1.5 kg (1 szt.)
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Total: 5.75 EUR

Acrylic clearcoat with a high degree of leveling and gloss retention, increased resistance to UV rays (not yellow). Designed for application in spray booths or locations suitable for painting. Recommended for application to surfaces previously protected water or solvent bases. Usage: mixture A + B are measured by volume 100 parts by volume of the coating (A) and 50 parts by volume of hardener (B) and mix thoroughly. Apply a spray gun nozzle 1.3 mm in two layers with a normal 10 min. break the evaporation of solvents, prior to application of the next layer.


Mixing: Clear Deckschicht (A) 100% vol. Lack Härter (B) 50% vol. Spritzviskosität: 14 - 15 sek. bei 20 ° C, 4 mm Ford-Becher. Lebensdauer: bis zu 2 Stunden. bei 20 ° C. Fed Typ: 1,3 mm. Betriebsdruck Spritzpistole Empfehlungen des Herstellers. Anwendung: Anzahl der Lagen: 2 Dicke: 40 bis 45 Mikron. Flash - off 10 min. bei 20 ° C. Trocknung 30 min. bei 60 ° C. Vollständig ausgehärtet nach 24 Stunden. bei 20 ° C. IR-Trocknung Kurz-und Mittelwelle: 10 min.

Degree of gloss varnish:
high Gloss
The use of paint:
plastics coating
small and large areas of vehicles
The coating of metal surfaces
To seal the base varnishes
excellent flow
scratch resistance
1L + 0.5L Hardener
5L + 2.5L Hardener
24 months in unopened containers
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